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 Jo-Anne is a registered Clinical Psychologist and member of the Australian Psychological Society. She has 25 years of experience including five years in a trauma clinic in the USA.

While she is academically qualified and offers evidenced based and scientifically researched psychological interventions, she also has a strong spiritual base and is pro marriage and family values. She will respect and encourage your commitment to your own values. 

Jo-Anne practices in a cosy, relaxed office within the multi-professional services of the Palm Beach Neighbourhood Centre on the Gold Coast. The atmosphere is casual and friendly allowing for open, productive conversation conducive to dealing with life's problems and traumas. The location is ideal for those who would like a relaxing moment on the beach post visit.

How can I make and appointment? Its easy!

To make an appointment simply phone:  

Phone: (07) 5598 2590 

Mobile: 0439 422605 (you can call or text asking for a call back )

Located at : Palm Beach Neighbourhood Centre,

16 Third Avenue, Palm Beach

Queensland, 4221

Fees: $260 per (51 mins)

While you can easily make an appointment with a psychologist without a referral from a doctor, the most affordable way to see a psychologist is to visit your doctor and enquire about seeing a psychologist using a "Better Access Care Plan". 

With a "Better Access Care Plan" you can receive up to 10 individual therapy sessions per calendar year with a Medicare rebate of $128.50.

Some private health funds also offer rebates for psychological services. It is best to check your entitlements with your private health fund first to avoid disappointment.




JO-ANNE COLLIER - A clinical psychologist with 25 years of experience, including 5 years in a Trauma Clinic in the USA .

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